History of University


Mustafa Kemal University was founded in 1992.

In the foundation our University had 7 faculties as Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Faculty of Architecture-Engineering, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Faculty of Aquaculture, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences and Faculty of Education, 2 schools as School of Tourism and Hotel Management and School of Physical Education and Sports, 2 vocational schools as Antakya Vocational School and İskenderun Vocational School, and 3 graduate schools as Graduate School of Social Sciences, Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences and Graduate School of Health Sciences.

Dörtyol Vocational School of Health Services, İskenderun Vocational School of Health Services and Dörtyol Vocational School was handed over to our University by Çukurova University.    

In time, some new faculties and schools were founded. Their names and foundation years as follows: Kırıkhan Vocational School, Yayladağı Vocational School, Reyhanlı Vocational School, Samandağ Vocational School and İskenderun Civil Aviation School in 1994; Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Fine Arts in 1995; Hatay Health School in 1996; Faculty of Architecture separated from Faculty Engineering in 2008; Altınözü Vocational School of Health Services, Hassa Vocational School of Health Services, Harbiye Vocational School of Health Services and Hatay Vocational School of Health Services in 2008; School of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation in 2009; Faculty of Dentistry and Faculty of Communication in 2010; School of Information Technology in 2011; and Faculty of Theology in 2013.

Educational and training activities have not been commenced in Faculty of Theology, Faculty of Communication, Antakya State Conservatory, School of Information Technology, School of Foreign Languages, Dörtyol Vocational School of Health Services and İskenderun Vocational School of Health Services.

Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Marine Sciences and Technology, Barbaros Hayrettin Maritime Faculty, Mustafa Yazıcı State Conservatory, School of Tourism and Hotel Management, Civil Aviation School, İskenderun Vocational School, Dörtyol Vocational School, Erzin Vocational School, Maritime School embodied by our University were handed over to İskenderun Technical University on 23rd April 2015.

Mustafa Kemal University embodies 56 different units as 3 graduate schools, 11 faculties, 6 schools, 22 vocational schools, 1 research hospital and 24 research and application centers.  

Our University with 25983 students, 955 academic staff and 806 administrative staff has sustained its activities as an institution that contributes to sociocultural structure of our country, aims to pioneer in the science, values art, offers an insight into science through significant researches and provides qualified education.