Located in the center of nature, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, our campus has a special location on a 1300 acre area; Our students can meet all kinds of needs with their sports facilities, research and practice hospitals, modern educational institutions and social areas.

Social, Sportive and Cultural Opportunities

There are 42 student groups working on various subjects in order to ensure that students evaluate the extracurricular time in the best way and have cultural activities during the academic period.. Our university has a conference hall with a capacity of 772 people, built to host national and international cultural, scientific and social activities with its architectural features and technical infrastructure.

Our university Tayfur Sökmen Campus has an indoor gymnasium, fitness-power development hall, aerobic-step and gymnastic fitness room. Our university also has a football and athletics track, basketball, volleyball court, tennis court and olympic swimming pool. All staff and students benefit from our sports facilities. Interuniversity and international competitions are organized at these facilities and our students have achieved important successes.

7/24 Library Service

Hatay Mustafa Kemal University Central Library, Information technologies required by the information age is presented in the most contemporary use of readers. In the central library of Mustafa Kemal University, there are 40,079 books, 198,431 electronic books, 550 journals reaching the library through subscription or donation, 1450 thesis books. It provides full text access to 53,791 electronic journals in 25 databases in 2017. Furthermore, internet access is provided with 36 computers in the established internet lounge.


For accommodation facilities, Higher Education Credit and Dormitory Institution (KYK) is situated within easy travelling inside the university’s main campus. The range of facilities offered varies but most dormitories have areas for study and recreation, cafes and are safe and friendly environment for you to live and study.

An international student can stay in these dormitories - you will be informed about possibility in staying in one of the dormitory by us. Bathrooms are shared by a few students. If you want to use Internet in the dormitory you should have your own PC/laptop. Furthermore; international students will be able to stay in the apartments around the campus as well. These flats are quite economical and international students may prefer to stay in these apartments with their friends and share the price.


In order to meet the nutritional needs of our students and staff, we serve lunches consisting of 4 different dishes every day in all units of our University.. The meals produced in the central dining hall kitchen of Tayfur Sökmen Campus are distributed to the faculties / colleges / vocational schools in the districts. Our dining halls provide meals to an average of 3000 people. All food production and distribution services are carried out by experienced cooks and staff under the supervision of food engineer. In addition to the dining halls, various canteen-student cafeterias and restaurants at Tayfur Sözermen campus have increased the alternatives to nutrition.

Scholarship Opportunities

Food scholarships are provided by our university to students who have financial problems. In addition, in all departments of Hatay Mustafa Kemal University, part-time students are employed and in this way the necessary students are provided with the opportunity to meet their own needs.

Psychological Counseling and Guidance Services

The Psychological Counseling and Guidance Unit serves for the purpose of protecting the physical and mental health of our students and staff, identifying their problems, cooperating with the relevant institutions for their solution, providing psychological counseling to the students and staff with emotional problems, and advising them in the solution of the problems related to the choice of profession-work.

Psychological Counselor, 1 Psychologist, 2 Psychologists are working in Psychological Counseling and Guidance Unit.